Mapping, maintenance, and automatization of critical IT system infrastructure and licenses


Following an extensive growth journey in employees, product offerings, and markets, the client required mapping of their equally expanding IT system landscape and following licenses. The client’s demand further included a process for maintaining and up to date repository of their IT systems and licenses as well as tools for automatizing the process where possible.


The project was split into two:

  • 1. First track focused on gathering and mapping information on all critical IT systems and licenses in the organization, working primarily with employees in Global IT.

  • 2. Second track revolved around creating a process for the maintenance and automatization of the organizational overview of IT systems and licenses.

In the information gathering and mapping process, Kopenhagen Konsulting oversaw three main deliveries:

  • Definition of required parameters for IT system and license mapping to ensure maintenance of relevant data
  • Engagement of key stakeholders to gather information
  • Analysis and contract search to identify and fill out missing information

In the process, requirements from multiple stakeholders were collected and prioritized to ensure the best possible solution.

In the maintenance and automatization process, Kopenhagen Konsulting was responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Create end-to-end processes for maintaining the overview of critical IT systems and licenses in the company
  • Automate communication with key stakeholders to ensure continuous renewal of critical system licenses and thus operational up-time in the company
  • Clarification of most urgent licenses to focus upon based on upcoming contract negotiation and license consumption


As a result, we enabled the client to support their key employees in ensuring operational up-time for the systems they maintain. Thus, our work has allowed the client to ensure transparency of their work and budget as well as cost reductions by preventing duplicates, overlapping functionality and overpayment. Furthermore, the client is now supported in avoiding over- and underutilization of licenses as an element of license compliance, and lastly operational excellence in contract negotiations and renewals of licenses.

Finally, we facilitated the client to operate a sustainable solution by automatizing the future process of IT system and license maintenance.