Digitalization of a world leading, global conference

Service: Executing projects
Sector: Other
Area of expertise: Digitalization


An optical retail chain needed to turn a yearly conventional conference in four different markets into one digital conference that spun across all markets. The decision to change was primarily driven by a new global strategy of digitizing services and was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The concept was developed by a branding agency, the production was run by a professional film agency and Kopenhagen Konsulting was brought onboard to convert the concept into an actual conference.


The essential objective was to create a new digital conference from scratch. Kopenhagen Konsulting was brought onboard to help execute the concept by assisting in project management doing so by converting the high-level concept into an executable plan.

The main task was internal and external coordination between the film agency, speakers, sponsors and internal teams across functions and countries. In order to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the client promoting the conference played a crucial role in achieving the desired KPIs in terms of attendees. To reach the attendee KPIs Kopenhagen Konsulting assisted in developing and improving both the website and the communications plan based on analysis of sign-up data and experience from previous conferences.

The execution culminated when the conference was filmed in studios across Copenhagen, Oslo and Utrecht in The Netherlands with three different internal teams, film production teams and sets of speakers. The stream was broadcasted online on a digital conference platform.


By hosting the conference digitally the client company was able to materialize the first step of a larger digitization strategy. Furthermore, having approximately 1500 viewers tuning in across four days in a successful broadcast from film studios in Copenhagen, Oslo and Utrecht in the Netherlands the conference was a success. The client showed that a physical event can be digitized and at the same time improve the experience of the participants.