Development of competency strategy for Global IT unit

Service: Cascading strategy
Sector: Life sciences
Area of expertise: Digitalization


To accommodate future business demands, a global pharmaceutical company developed an IT strategy with new supporting capabilities to enable their aspirations. They required assistance in assessing the current competency maturity in order to determine if any skill gaps existed between the current maturity level and the future level necessary to deliver the competitive capabilities.


To provide these insights we developed a competency strategy which was materialized into a 5-step process.

  • Identify the demand of the business and the associated aspirations
  • Define technical and personal competencies to support the aspirations
  • Assess current competency maturity and future needs across the IT department
  • Define the strategic focus areas on future competencies and investments to close the gaps
  • Define implementation roadmap and supporting operating model


The competency strategy provided key insights on the current competency maturity and identified critical gaps requiring immediate attention. To support swift action, we developed an investment framework centered around Develop/Hire/Buy/Partner decisions enabling individual recommendations for each competency gap in each IT business area. Furthermore, we identified key stakeholders to assist in closing the competency gaps leading to the development of an instructive strategy map highlighting which areas to improve, how to do it and who to execute on the initiatives. In addition, to fulfillment of the project goals our approach had the added benefit of being the modus operandi for future internal competency assessments in the company. Going forward, this enables the company to continuously ensure the competency level is aligned with the future demand.