Establishing management support function


Sector: Financial sector
Size: 20.000
Area of expertise: Managing the organization


Leading Nordic bank required assistance in creating and establishing a support function to the management team.


Kopenhagen Konsulting supported the head of management support in expanding the function by establishing a hiring process. The first step of the process involved outlining task areas of which certain skills could be attributed. These areas became the guide and steppingstone for the individual job descriptions and interviews going forward. The job descriptions were accepted by the ‘Talent Acquisition Specialist’. 

The search and interview process were divided into the following steps; initial evaluation (based on fundamental criteria) and 3 interviews involving various elements of testing.  

Kopenhagen Konsulting then supported the organizing of the onboarding process before the arrival of the new hires. This included handling paperwork ahead of time, creating an incremental plan with the head of Management Support, setting up email and computer accounts, and forming a general checklist. Throughout the next period of operational support, Kopenhagen Konsulting involved the new hires in every ongoing task, and facilitated workshops, and meet-n-greets with key stakeholders/colleagues.


Kopenhagen Konsulting’s involvement resulted in the building of a dynamic and skilled department team capable to take on the essential responsibilities and tasks associated with the Management Support function.